Horse Oil Pet Portrait of Tilly

Welcome to our latest horse oil pet portrait of Tilly, completed just before Christmas last year. Gill commissioned the portrait for a special 21st birthday present. Gill and myself worked closely with the photos for the portrait, they had one that they really loved, Gills daughter felt that it captured Tilly perfectly, however it was backlit and the background wasn’t suitable for a portrait.

Undeterred, Nicholas used the main photo of Tilly as the basis of the painting, used other photos for Tilly’s colouring as the original photo was really dark, and also created a beautiful natural background behind, with a lovely delicate sky.

We are delighted to hear Gill and her daughter were thrilled with the outcome! We have added lots of photos below, along with a video too. The first photo below is of the final painting….

Hi Melanie,

The painting came today, it is amazing!! Catherine was so happy with it. She has taken it to be framed. It looks fabulous, we are so pleased with it. Thank you for all yours and Nicholas hard work on it. We will show you the picture when it has been framed. Have a wonderful Christmas  xx

horse oil pet portrait of Tilly

It looks ace I’m sure she be so excited about the picture of her best friend xx

Horse Oil Portrait of Tilly in Progress

This is pretty much the first stage of the oil painting, where Nichols has drawn the portrait out and then lined it in with paint and added a sepia wash to block the shapes in as well as knock back the white canvas.

Here is the oil painting in progress, you can see another photo of Tilly in the top right hand corner, which Nicholas was using as reference. Also notice his paintbrush, one of his favourite brushes held together with masking tape as the handle was coming off!

horse oil pet portrait of Tilly in progress

Hi Melanie,
It looks amazing, just looks like Tilly . Thank you for the sneak peek, I can’t wait for Catherine to see it! 

I took a photo of the horse oil pet portrait of Tilly whilst it was being signed. I don’t often manage to catch Nicholas creating the final signature, but I will try to capture more of them this year. Especially on video. Scroll down to watch it actually happening!!

Horse Portrait Video

The video below shows a clip of Nicholas singing the painting. Also the portrait just prior to packing. I am still learning not only how to take videos, but the equipment I use and the software to make them in. I have just signed up with Adobe Premier so that’s my aim to learn how to use it this year. Well I say use it.. in m very rudimentary way in comparison to proper film makers! First making the video below I would say it has a lot more options and features than Final Cut Pro which I had been using. So watch this space for hopefully more experimental videos this year!

It looks amazing, I love it!!  Gill

Photos of the Horse Portrait

The portrait was an 18 x 14 oil painting which is a really lovely size for a horse head study. Especially if you are having a scenic background. Take a look at the photos below which should add a bit of scale as I added some paintbrushes in the scene. You might notice the canvas has a shine on the base, but this is just from our photography lights.

Hi Melanie,
It looks even better than the photo xx

Happy Clients!

We have received some beautiful photos from our client Gill of her daughter with Tilly an the portrait all framed. We couldn’t be more delighted. Scroll down to see the portrait framed and a lovely message form Gill via WhatsApp.

Horse Oil Pet Portrait of Tilly

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The painting has come back from the framers and Catherine and Tilly are in love with it. Hope you like the framing xx

Gill (Via WhatsApp)
Horse Oil Pet Portrait of Tilly
Horse Oil Pet Portrait of Tilly

Finally we really hope that you have enjoyed reading about the horse oil pet portrait of Tilly. Also viewing the video. If you would like a portrait of your horse similar to this please drop us a line. Also if you missed this months Monthly News, check it out here – Melanie’s January Journal We haven’t been that many places in January but there are some photos from around the garden and one of a beautiful peacock butterfly so definitely worth checking out!

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