Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat

Spaniel Pet Portraits are the order of the day today, as this oil pet portraits story is all about Kitkat the Spaniel and her pet Portrait.

Steve our client asked us of he could commission an oil painting of his beautiful spaniel called ‘Kitty Little’ aka ‘Kitkat’! Our client Steve called our studio a few months ago to find out if Nicholas would be able to complete a portrait for an August birthday. We love it when clients think well ahead for their birthday presents! After the telephone call, Steve sent this email as a follow up. We love to hear about the dogs we paint, the more info the better! It really helps us when painting or drawing.

Dear Melanie, 
Thank you for your help.
I’m looking to have a picture for my wife’s Birthday. Kitty Little , is a 14 year old springer , full of beans and always ready to go, anywhere. Loves a ball , puts up with our other dogs. Now an elderly lady but she has not given in to age or weather. I’ve attached a couple of photos for your expert eye

Steve took some beautiful photos of Kitkat in his garden, one of which was perfect for a portrait. We designed the shape of the portrait around the composition of the photo as we have our canvases made bespoke. Steve requested an approximate size of 14 x 11 inches . We had the canvas made at 13 x 13 inches. With Steve’s go ahead of course! It was the perfect size and shape for Kitkat. Steve emailed when he presented the portrait to his wife….

Melanie and Nicholas, All safely received. Looks fabulous! Gill loved her surprise Birthday pressie.
Thank you for all your help.
Best regards 

Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat

Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat Framed

We also framed the portrait for Steve so all he needed to do when it arrived was wrap it up for his wife Gill in birthday paper.

Spaniel Pet Portraits Framed

Spaniel Pet Portraits hold a special place in our hearts, as we adore the breed and it’s one of our favourite breeds to draw and paint. As you can probably tell with the amount of spaniel paintings and drawings on our website!

Spaniel Pet Portraits Frame

Spaniels, with their expressive eyes, floppy ears, and lively personalities, make for captivating subjects. Each Spaniel has its own unique charm and character. Nicholas takes great pleasure in bringing these traits to life on canvas.

Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat

Nicholas’s love for the breed goes beyond what he sees just in the photos you provide. He appreciates their playful nature, their boundless energy, and their unwavering loyalty. These are the qualities he aims to capture in his portraits.

Side View of the Bayswater Frame

Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat

When painting a Spaniel, Nicholas pays close attention to the details that make each dog unique. The texture and colour of their coat, the way they hold their head – all these elements are carefully rendered to create a lifelike representation of not just any spaniel. Not any spaniel, but your unique and special Spaniel.

Spaniel Pet Portrait of KitKat

Hopefully our readers will be able to see from viewing Nicholas’s artwork, they convey more than just a likeness. Nicholas’s portraits capture the spirit too. As you can see in Kitikats eyes, how Nicholas has painted them, they are so meaningful. It’s all about the eyes and the love the dog has for its owner.

The Frame matches beautifully with Kitkat!

So, if you’re a Spaniel owner looking to commission a pet portrait, you can rest assured that your gorgeous spaniel will be in good hands with Nicholas. His love for the breed and his amazing painting abilities all combine to create you beautiful portrait of your Spaniel that you’ll cherish for years to come. If you would like to read about our Golden Retriever pet portrait head over to our post dedicated to them.

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