Framing Section

I’m not sure if any of our clients have been perusing our framing section on our website, however I have been updating it recently with our newly framed portraits and there are more images being added later today.

I have just added the portraits of Schnapps which you can see in the screen capture below. I will add further photos of the portrait of Schnapps in my next blog post however if clients click on the image below it will take you to our main our framing section, where there are an abundance of famed and portraits to view, plus all of the images are clickable to see them in a larger size. I hope you enjoy your visit!


Final scan of Schnapps

Here is the final scan of Schnapps! The painting has just gone to the framers this weekend and Joey is back! I will be taking photos and video of it today so more blog posts to follow! Final scan of Tai and Chi’s portrait on Monday too!


Next stages Schnapps

Here are the next stages of Schnapps! Nick has been working on her today, she is an 18 x 14 oil on Linen canvas (Tupipwood) and is coming along beautifully. I will have more stages to post tomorrow. I am also in full flow of the pencil portrait of Tai and Chi, no where near a final scan yet but will have one towards the end of this week.

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First stages of Schnapps!

Here are the first stages of Nicks painting of Schnapps. Very early stages so far, more to follow!



Final Scan of Patsy

Here is the final scan of Patsy, 18 x 14 oil on canvas. It will be sent off to the US this coming week along with the portrait of Otis. Ill see if I can take some video of them both together as they work really well together. The paths seem to connect which was bizarrely unintentional but it works so well!


Patsy Next Stages

Here are the final stages of Patsy and I am about to scan the portrait and so a final scan will follow!

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Chester Final Scan

This is a bespoke sized commission, it is a 6.5 x 4 inch drawing of Old English Sheepdog, Chester who is sadly not with us any longer. He has been drawn to this size specifically so that he can fit into a collection of drawings that our clients have of their other dogs and so I hope that my drawing fits well within the mix :) It has been drawn as a surprise for the recipient at Christmas so I really hope that the whole family are thrilled. I will be drawing Barney, their new dog in the New Year, you can already see him in my client list.

Final stages of Patsy and a final scan to follow!

Patsy First stages

Here are the first stages of Patsy, I hope to have more later today. This painting is for the same clients as Otis, they are 18 x 14 oils and they will be hung together in their home with matching beautifully carved frames which we are looking forward to seeing. More to follow!







Here is Monty! He is a 12 x 10 full body study completed in graphite pencils, hopefully he will be sent off to his owner in the next few days ready for framing and then presented to the recipient on Christmas day.


Milo’s final scan

Here is the final scan of my latest drawing, a pencil portrait of Milo. The drawing is a 12 x 10 on Italian paper and has already been sent to my client today. Milo is sadly not with us any longer so this portrait will be a lasting memory for the whole family. I hope that the recipient is pleased! I have had a few days off due to admin and website updates but I’m back at my easel tomorrow on the next portrait for Christmas deadline :)

boxer pencil pet portraits (1) boxer pencil pet portraits (2) boxer pencil pet portraits (3) boxer pencil pet portraits (4)