Amosite’s stages and final scan

Here is the final scan of Amosite. The portrait was completed in September for a birthday surprise in October, and so we were unable to add it to our website or blog it until now. The portrait has been presented to the recipient and it was a wonderful birthday surprise, the recipient was delighted!

The oil painting is 20 x 16 and was painted in oils on linen canvas by Nick. I have collated below the final scan, the framed images and the stages of the painting are below that. I have also added the portrait on our horse portraits website and on Facebook. I have a video to post also, I took it just before I packed the portrait up, I haven’t watched it back yet so I am hoping that it is good enough to post too :D

We have had quite an exciting day here in the studio as our new telephone line and broadband is being put in today. Its actually very windy outside, although very warm but BT this afternoon have been up ladders and on a cherry picker in the lane by the telephone pole. Would you believe its nearly 7pm, pitch black and they are still working at it – what a long job at this time of year! They will soon be putting the final bits and bobs in the studio, that will be their last job of the day and im sure they will be glad to get home. I have been in the studio from around 7 this morning, kind of on call if they need anything while Nick is finishing his painting and so instead of drawing I have been working on our websites as its easier to dip in and out of. Although it has been a long day I have got an awful lot done!

Nick has completed the painting of Merchant of Dubai, I will have all the stages and final scan on here tomorrow and it will hopefully be whisked off to Jane the framer next week. Also we are picking up Tequilla tomorrow so photos to follow of that too! Busy, Busy!

Oh and finally….Happy Halloween!  :D



Here are the stages of Amosite…..








Final scan of Tequilla

Here is the final scan of Tequilla (Donny) which Nick has just completed. Its ready to take to Jane to be framed and the engraved plaque has arrived this morning so its good timing! As soon as its been okayed by our client I will be whisking it down to Jane’s.

The tail end of the storm hit here yesterday and it was extremely windy. We were slightly worried about the trees around our studio but everything is still standing and we were both able to spend the entire day down here which was great. It was lovely and cosy in the studio considering how cold and windy it was outside. I have a feeling we are in for quite a hard winter so im glad we are prepared!

Another blog post to follow with the first stages of Nicks next painting, Merchant of Dubai.


Rosie’s Portrait Complete

Here is Rosie’s portrait a 12 x 10 drawing that I have just completed. Hopefully it will be whisked off to its owner and recipient this week!


More stages of Tequilla

Here are the next stages of Tequilla, Nick is painting as we speak! We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend, we had a busy one with friends but very enjoyable:)


horse-oil-portrait-12 horse-oil-portrait-8 horse-oil-portrait-9  horse-oil-portrait-11

Tequilla’s next stage

Here are the next stages of Tequilla. Nick has been working hard for most of the day as you can see from the stages below, and I say most of the day as we had a bit of an incident at the cottage. One of our radiators in the hallway has been very slowly dripping for a few months. A casual ‘oh Nick you should tighten that nut while I get lunch’…caused quite a lot more panic than it should have. Nick nudged the pipe that connects to the radiator and water sprayed everywhere…all over the walls and floor….and Nick! Minutes later, hall full of towels and Nick stemming the flow, I quickly called our lovely friends from down the road who are a general building and D.I.Y team, who were here within minutes to fix it for us. I have to say my hall floor is now very clean!  :)




Curly’s Portrait Framed!

Here is the portrait of Curly framed. We collected Curly from Jane the framer yesterday and I took a number of photos for the website today. The portrait has been framed using the curved gold line moulding with a narrow inner linen slip. It looks fantastic!

I do love this frame, its one of my personal favourites as the wood is so sleek and smooth, the curve of the wood is beautiful too. I think it works really well with Curly and I’m just about to pack it up ready to go to the US to be home with the family.

Its been quite a comical and eventful day here in the studio, will tell all in another blog…back soon!





Tequilla First Stages

Here are the first four stages of the 26 x 28 oil on Italian Linen canvas of Tequilla (Donny) currently on Nicks easel. The painting is coming along really well and I will have more stages to follow tomorrow.

We have our new hub working now both at the cottage and in the studio so we have given our neighbours back after a huge thank you to her for allowing us to use it all day yesterday and part of today. All we need to do now is wait to hear from BT, hopefully tomorrow, with the date of our new line and broadband install to the new studio. Once installed I will be emailing all of our clients with an additional telephone number that we can be contacted on and I will of course add it to our studio news here and on the website too.

Today I have been updating a few things on the website and blog. Nick has received a number of commissions through in the last week, a returning client which was lovely and a gift voucher from a few years ago, so I’m now booking clients into our March / April schedule for oil paintings. Nick does get booked up really fast at this time of year so if you are thinking about ordering a portrait, email us as soon as you can to save your space in our client list as we work on a first come first served basis.

Finally I have been rearranging our home page a little and you can now catch the start of our blog posts near the bottom of the page. Titles and the first part of the description will show and update automatically. Click on the titles and it will take you directly to – here! I am aware that clients need to find out whats happening in the studio at all times, particularly if something happens similar to this week when we haven’t had any broadband and often our blog posts are missed by our clients. So hopefully this will give our clients and visitors another opportunity to find out whats happening. We always love to hear feedback, let us know what you think about our home page and the way its set out. Ideas and feedback always welcome!

horse-oil-portrait-4   horse-oil-portrait-3





Flatcoat Retrievers Framed

My client has just posted a photo on Facebook of the pencil portrait I did of Forrest, Jenson and Liffey a few weeks ago and its now framed. I have screen captured the page so that you can see along with the lovely comments. It looks fantastic framed and I’m so pleased with the outcome :)


Back online – Just!!

What a time of it! We have had 5 days without broadband since the storm hit. Unfortunately having booked the BT engineer who was supposed to fix both ours and our neighbours this morning, the BT engineer said we weren’t on his job list and couldn’t do anything for us – we then found out we were booked for NEXT Monday!

This is becoming a recurring theme as this is the second time this has happened to us and its just fluke that our neighbour is lucky with the BT engineers and gets fixed days before we do! This was devastating news as we have a lot of client emails to do, mockups etc and helpless to do anything.

Our neighbour got a nice new shiny hub and is up and running……so we promptly borrowed her hub to get us online to try to catch up a little. We have a lovely neighbour!

So the engineer is still booked for Monday, but we have BT sending us a new hub in the mail on Wednesday so we can give our neighbour back hers. We then ordered a new hub ourselves as a backup in case the lightening takes us out again.

The biggest business decision of the day is that we have ordered a new telephone line to our garden studio and we decided to go for a business line so that if anything like this happens in the future we get a priority call out within 24 hours.  So we will have a dedicated landline for the business as well as the mobile for customers to call!

I think all in all when things like this happen, we do try to make it a positive for our business  and hopefully it makes our business stronger :)

Storms have hit….!!

We have had thunder storms for a full day and night and unfortunately it has taken out our broadband. I am writing this from Jane the framers house who’s Internet is still working! We hope that we will be back online very soon. If anyone needs to get in contact please telephone 07855582109 and we will be delighted to hear from you.

Nick is working on Tequilla and and as soon as I am back online I will post the stages!

Curly’s Final Scan

Here is beautiful Curly, all scanned and ready to be taken to Jane to be framed. She is going to frame Curly in the narrow inner linen slip with the Curved Gold Line frame, which was actually my favourite choice for Curly and coincidentally it was our clients choice also! As soon as I have Curly back which i think will be next Monday / Tuesday time, I will take photos for the blog for everyone to see :)

Nick is now starting Tequilla (Donny)’s portrait and I will have photos here very soon.