Pet Portraits Oil Painting – More Stages of Amber

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Here are a few more photos of Ambers pet portraits oil painting. This is Nicholas’ most recent pet portraits in oil which is currently on his easel. If you have been following our ‘ On The Easel’ blog this week you will have been seeing lots of stages of the oil painting so far. I have been up in the studio early this morning and took photos of the pet portraits oil painting on our Plan chest. This has enabled me to stand far enough to the side to take photos of the full painting.

The portrait is a 51″ x 16″ oil on Italian Linen  canvas. We have our canvases made bespoke here in the UK by professional Canvas makers. They are very high quality and they use a hardwood for the canvas frame (Tulipwood). Our clients can order any size they require so this is useful if they have a specific place in their home they wish to display the portrait. Also if they have particular photos they would like incorporated into a composition, similar to the painting below. The size and shape of the canvas can be made to work with the paintings design.

The painting of Amber still has a long way to go, lots more hours painting to be done yet. We have arranged framing however and it will be framed in our Chelsea City Gold frame. The frame is one of our favourites and it works so well with natural umbers. It should work well with the colour of Amber and also greens and blues. The frame has already been ordered and should be arriving in about a weeks time.

There should be more stages to follow, probably over the weekend. We are having some time out here on Saturday though with friends and their children which will be lovely. Im sure the kids will enjoy running around the garden with Lily our dog. The forecast is set to stay dry, so fingers crossed we can lunch in the garden!

Pet Portraits Oil Painting Pet Portraits Oil Painting Pet Portraits Oil Painting

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Oil Pet Portrait – Next stages of Amber

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Here are the next stages of Amber’s oil pet portrait. Just to catch our readers up on Nicholas’ latest oil painting, it is a 51″ x 16″ oil on Italian Linen Canvas. The oil pet portrait is being painted for a returning client who also commissioned the horse oil painting of Chico. You might need to scroll down a little, but you should see the final scan of Chico here on our blog. You can also see all of the oil painting in stages too. I hope to add Chico to our website in my next round of updates.

The oil pet portrait of Amber is coming along really well. It’s been quite tricky photographing the entire portrait in one go. I hope to get some good photos when its in a bit of a drying stage on our plan chest. This should allow me to take some better photos for our readers to view as I can stand further back than when its on Nicholas’ easel. In the mean time, here are some closer in photos of Amber for you to see. She is coming along beautifully.

Its always busy here in the studio, there is never a dull moment. Either Nicholas and myself are at our easels painting and drawing, or the phone is going and I’m chatting to clients. Mockups are being created quite a bit this week and frames are being organised. Amanda our new framer is absolutely fantastic and we have some beautiful new frames coming along for clients. I am really excited about them and I have been helping in the design process between clients and Amanda so its been a really creative time. Its wonderful when you find the perfect person to collaborate with in your business. I feel another overhaul of our framing pages on our websites will be needed to display them all to show how beautiful they are.

Stay tuned as there will be more photos of Ambers Oil Pet Portrait to follow!

Oil Pet Portrait

Oil Pet Portrait

Oil Pet Portrait

Oil Pet Portrait

Oil Painting – First Stages of Amber

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Here at last are the first stages of Amber! This is a beautiful Oil Painting that Nicholas started last week and I have lots of lovely stages to post here for our readers to view. The painting is a 51″ x 16″ and it shows Amber, a gorgeous Golden Retriever in three poses. The central study is a beautiful photos of Amber when she was a puppy, and the left and right studies are of Amber jumping and splashing in the water. Nicholas has started to capture the movement stunningly and I can’t wait to show the next stages here as its looking amazing in the studio.

I have added some far out photos and some closer in shots too of the oil painting, as it shows Nicholas’s initial lines when drawing out amber on the canvas. He uses a fairly thin brush for this stage and a variety of colours from his pallet. Prior to this he painted the entire canvas a pale grey / green as his base.

As usual I’m a little behind on the blog, we had a friend staying over the weekend and on Monday too so we have had 4 days off this week. We did lots of touristy type things and ate a lot!! We were lucky with the weather as it has rained pretty solidly since our friend went home. The garden needs the rain though and the grass is starting to grow again, so much so, it now needs mowing!

An update on the garden birds. The wrens fledged which was lovely to see, there were 4 in total I have no clue where they are now, so we are hoping they all flew away and survived. There are so many baby birds in the garden at the moment cheeping and chirping away. They come to the bird feeder to feed and I watch from my window next to my easel. We see two Greater Spotted Woodpeckers regularly on the bird feeder and their babies are now joining them. We have a family of  Jay’s and the tiniest of baby Coal Tits. While I type there are adult Great Tits and Blue Tits feeding.

I will be posting more photos of the oil painting of Amber shortly so stay tuned!


Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting







Cat Pet Portraits – Tyson

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Here is the final scan of my latest cat pet portraits, along with some photos of Tyson. He has been drawn for Kim, my client in the USA. The portrait is a 12 x 10 pencil drawing on Italian Fabriano paper and I have been working on his portrait for around a week in total. The portrait will hopefully be framed by our lovely framer Amanda and as soon as its complete I will post photos here for our readers to view.

The photos of Tyson haven’t come out as well as the final scan, however hopefully it will give my readers a good idea as to what the drawing is like. I took some photos of the portrait with my pencils in their jugs, as well as on the portrait itself which you can see below. This often helps to give prospective clients an idea of the scale of the portrait. Its often very difficult to visualise how big a portrait is, not forgetting the finished article will be bigger due to the mount / matt and frame.

I will be adding Tyson to our cat pet portraits website soon, I have lots of portraits to add to our website, I’m behind as usual with my updating. I will also be adding the cat portrait of Pixie and Boots too. I packed and sent it to my clients yesterday, and it has just arrived safely this morning as they emailed to let me know. Great news!

My next blog post will have an abundance of photos of Nicholas’ current portrait on his easel that he has been working on for the last week. Its absolutely amazing and is a portrait of Golden Retriever Amber. There are three poses within the painting, two action and one puppy pose. Its looking stunning so far, so all will be revealed soon!




cat pet portraits



Cat Pet Portraits – Pixie and Boots

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Here is the final scan of Pixie and Boots! The drawing is a 16 x 12 pencil portrait on Italian Paper using Derwent pencils. I have really enjoyed drawing them both and the clients are thrilled. I will be packing the drawing and sending it off tomorrow. I am so pleased also to have two other cat portraits in my client list, one of which is on my easel as we speak! So watch this space!!


Cat Pet Portraits

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Here is the next stage of my double cat portrait, I will have a final scan to follow. The portrait is of Pixie and Boots and it is a 16 x 12 pencil portrait.

Its been quite an exciting weekend here, we have been working in the studio in the mornings, and have been doing work in the garden each afternoon. The delivery of sleepers arrived and we had to lift each one around the back into our garden. This wasn’t an easy job, the sleepers aren’t actually liftable, so we had to lift each end, one at a time, onto a block, then onto a garden flat trolly and then wheel each one around into the garden and lift them off. Incredible heavy. We have a number of little projects we are using them for, replacing the studio steps is one, so hopefully we will be able to get that done this week and ill take photos for the blog.

We have also been on Jenny Wren duty! We have a family of Jenny Wrens nesting in our woodshed. We have heard the little squeaks over the last couple of weeks and the parents are busy going in and out feeding them all day and don’t seem to mind us working in the garden at all. Yesterday however, one fell out of  the nest into a trug below that we use for carrying wood! We heard cheeping and so ran to the rescue. I quickly scooped it up and popped it back in the nest. Phew! But before we knew it, another had fallen out! During the afternoon two came out together, so I popped them back in again. They are getting very big, they are nearly fully feathered but not quite ready to fledge yet. The nest is quite small and I think when they pop their heads out of the front to be fed they get a little carried away. So we are on monitoring duty until they fledge, the parents don’t seem to mind us putting them back, they are too busy collecting food for 4 hungry mouths!



Olly, Alex, Molly and Oscar

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Here at last are the final photos of Oliver, Alex, Molly and Oscar! The portrait came out just beautifully and we love the swept frame, it works so well. The painting is now with the family and we are thrilled they love the outcome.

I have added the new photos to our framing gallery, which actually has had a bit of an update with new gallery images on the main page. We are in the process of adding a new frame which currently has a holding page so far for one of my pencil portraits up and coming soon.

I have also added a few photos below of the back of the framed portrait below. We have recently seen some paintings framed by other framers and it really made us aware how great and amazing our framers actually are!! Our frames are truly high quality and professional and we can’t stress to our clients enough how important the framing of your painting is. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please do get in touch for us to frame your portrait. We can guarantee that it will be professionally handled and you will end up with a frame that will last years upon years. Our framers use high quality woods, they are solid and well made and everything is put together as it should. We have taken the opportunity of showing how the painting is held into place, without impacting on the canvas.

I have also added a photo of when the painting was being packed as we use professional packaging to protect both the portrait and frame too – extremely important when the portrait is travelling a good distance around the world.

We hope you enjoy the photos and I will add a testimonial from Oliver regarding their portrait!

“Well we are jolly impressed, the painting is absolutely fabulous….we all really pleased with the painting, Molly and Oscar have given it an approving sniff and Alex and I really love it, so thank you very much.  Please also pass on our thanks to the framers.  We think the frame is great too. We will take you up on your offer of a cuppa next time we are in the area. Many thanks again, Olly, Alex, Molly and Oscar”.









Oliver and Family Video

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Here is the latest video of the oil painting framed of Oliver, Alex, Molly and Oscar. The painting was very well received by our clients and we are thrilled with the frame, it looks gorgeous! Have a look at the video. I am hoping this will be the last video taken with my iPhone and small microphone, we are now looking into new equipment so watch this space!

I have added the video onto our website already and I have taken some lovely photos for our framing gallery which I will add here next.