Curlys First Stages

Here are the first stages of Curly’s portrait! Curly is the most gorgeous dog and this portrait is being painted by Nick in oils on Linen canvas size 16 x 16.

Curly was a poodle mix, who sadly passed away at the amazing age of 24. Her family were completely devastated and I can fully appreciate how important this painting will be to Curly’s family.

Our client, Tracy, has always taken photos of Curly every year for Halloween and to celebrate her 22nd birthday last year, Tracy photographed her in various costumes and put together a 2013 calendar for family and friends. Tracy emailed us several favorite photos of her from that calendar and we chose our favoruite from the selection for the painting.

Nick is painting Curly as I type so there will be more stages to follow. When completed Curly will be framed by Jane the framer, we just have to decide upon which frame will suit Curly best.

More stages to follow!








Pet Portrait Videos

I just wanted to make a very quick post to let our clients and prospective clients know about our new videos page.

Earlier this year we chatted with one of our clients who said the outcome of their painting was stunning, far superior to the final photos we had taken and posted online and the painting was even better than they had expected. We were thrilled to hear this although this wasn’t a new revelation, many of our clients have said this over the years, but this time it got us thinking about what else we could offer our clients so that they could really see the product before sending it to them.

I have been toying with the idea of taking videos of Nick’s paintings for a number of years but just haven’t had enough time to do anything about it. So the chat with our client and making time to do this, I actually put it into practice. Hopefully this way, with enabling our clients to see their painting in video format, gives them a better idea of what it was like. Hopefully this goes one closer on allowing everyone to really see the portraits in all their glory. We hope you enjoy viewing them!

Pet Portraits Videos >>

Gift Voucher Time!

As soon as the leaves start falling and the BBq items start to disappear from shops, surreptitiously being replaced by chocolates and mince pies, whether we like it or not, we know its time to start to think about Christmas presents!

Between now and Christmas we receive a lot of enquiries from clients asking if we can complete oil paintings for Christmas presents. In general we usually work to around about a 5 to 8 month waiting list and so invariably Nick is fully booked for oil portraits by this time of year (October).

Not all is lost however :) Many clients opt for our gift voucher packs, some clients ordering right up to the last minute for our email versions to be delivered direct to the recipient on Christmas day. We have always met our gift voucher demands even last thing on Christmas Eve….but it is always good to be organised and order your vouchers early!

One client and her family have done just that and you can see the voucher goodies ready to be packed up to sent to the client below. I’m sure they will be hidden away in a bottom draw ready for the big reveal on Christmas day.

So if you have someone in mind and you would like to give them a portrait, pop over to our Gift Voucher Page and order from there. You can either send them a voucher for the value of the complete portrait or a voucher for part of the portrait so they can add to it themselves and choose what they would like when ordering.

If you are able to arrange the photos you would like to use for the portrait with us before hand, the mockup can be included in the voucher pack and you will automatically be added into our client list to save your space. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to email at any time.


Photos of CC Top

Here are the photos of CC Top framed before I packed it ready to send to Norway. The frame is the Traditional Flat with a narrow wheat inner linen slip. It should very nearly be in Norway by now, hopefully in time for the big reveal on the recipients birthday.

I will also be adding CC Top into Nicks gallery today along with two other paintings of his. I have been updating our website on and off over the last week with pencil portraits, frames and happy clients that have been waiting on my pc. My desktop was becoming a little cluttered with photos and folders ready to add, so I felt it was time to do something about it, so website updates it has been! I have completely overhauled our happy client gallery as the page was getting really long, so its now divided into sections. Pop on over and have a look Happy Client Gallery >> 

Nick is currently painting the portrait of Curly and I will be posting stages soon. He has also completed the surprise portrait of ‘A’ – I cant add the name of the horse as its a complete surprise. It is the most fantastic painting and I will be posting it as soon as its been presented to the recipient in a couple of weeks. I will be taking it to Jane the framers next week and will do a little video as per usual.

More to follow so stay tuned!






CC Top Video

Here is the video I made of CC Tops painting before he was packed up and sent to Norway. He looked wonderful all finished here in the studio and i will add photos in the next post.

I have made about four videos of paintings now so will try to make a section to collate them together to they can all be seen together :)

Jenson, Liffy and Forest

This is the secret portrait that I have been working on and it is of Jenson, Liffy and Forrest, three gorgeous Flat Coated Retrievers. It has now been presented to the recipient at their birthday bash and it was very kindly videoed too!

It is always so wonderful to see our portraits with the recipients, photos are amazing, but video allows us to feel we are almost there in the room. It bought tears to our eyes and I hope that our clients who read our blog enjoy watching too. Have a look in our Happy Clients Gallery for the video!




Final Scan of CC Top

Here is CC Tops final scan! I wanted to post this on Friday however we have had a friend stay over the weekend and so I’m just catching up with admin today. The portrait took quite a long time to scan as it has a few intricate details that needed lining up and the scanner picked up the reflection of the oil in the background so it was all a bit tricky. Hopefully it shows it well here. I will be taking the portrait to Jane as soon as its been okayed by our client and I will take photos when its back in the studio.



CC Top stages

Here are the last few stages of CC Top before I scan the final painting. Nick is making a few final adjustments and final details this morning and I should have him here for all to see a little later today.

I have now completed my surprise portrait and its been sent off to the client so as soon as it has been received and given to the recipient at the weekend I will be able to post it here too :)

Busy, Busy!



More stages of CC Top

Here are the next two stages of CC Top. The painting us coming along really well and I should have a final scan over the weekend! More stages to follow tomorrow!

cc-top-horse-jumping-portrait-oils-9 cc-top-horse-jumping-portrait-oils-8

CC Top oil painting

Nick has started the painting of CC Top and these are the stages so far. The painting is going to be framed by Jane and then sent off to Norway for a birthday very soon! More stages to follow…










Happy Clients!

We were thrilled to receive these photos from Alan and Amanda of Milly & Molly and Purdy in situ in their home over the weekend! They look absolutely stunning and we are so pleased to also have a photo of the portraits with Amanda too :) We are thrilled that both Alan and Amanda were so happy with the paintings. These will definitely be going on the website very soon.

We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend, it seemed to fly by for us having friends over all day Saturday with their dog Meg so we had one very tired Lily at the end of the day and then more friends for a cuppa dropped by on Sunday so we didn’t get any work done at all. Back to work today though and Nick is still working on CC Top and he is coming along beautifully. I will be posting stages tomorrow. I am also starting the surprise portrait so once completed and its been delivered I will post it here for all to see.

Still battling with BT and slow broadband, I think I have finally convinced them there is a fault on the line as I have been through yet another hour of diagnostics on the phone today and I think that they can see that our average speed now is 0.29 so they are supposed to be calling me tomorrow to do more tests. I really hope that we are getting somewhere now so that they can send someone to fix. At least they have finally admitted there is an issue as for 9 weeks there has been ‘no problem’ that they could see. Daily life will run much more smoothly without having to open a webpage and make a cuppa while its loading :D

More tomorrow!



Video of Milly & Molly & Purdy

Here at last is the video of Milly & Molly and Purdy’s paintings. Its taken a huge amount of time to upload as we are still running on 0.47 broadband speed. Archaic! I hope that you can see them in more detail. I am hoping video allows our clients to see them in a different way opposed to just seeing static photos.