Purdy’s Final Scan

Here is Purdy’s final scan! The portrait is an oil on Italian Line 12 x 10 in size. Its slightly brighter i think in the original here in the studio. Nick has just started the next portrait of Milly and Molly for the same client and I will have first stages very soon.


More stages of Purdy

Here are some final photos of Purdy before the final scan. You can see Nick is just adding the final details to the Purdy’s white fur and whiskers. More to follow!

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Next Stages of Purdy

Here are the next stages of Purdy, Nick has been working hard at his easel today and has started on the details. We will have more photos Wednesday!






Purdy First Stages

Here are the first stages of Purdy’s portrait. It is a 12 x 10 oil on Italian Linen bespoke canvas. The colours are perhaps a little darker overall than the original but its looking really three dimensional and stunning. Sadly Purdy’s is no longer with us, so this will server as a wonderful reminder for Purdy’s owners.





Our first short video!

Here is our first short video! We hope you like it. Feedback welcome!

Recorded on an iPad, uploaded to You Tube in Nick’s new channel!

Jacks Final Photo

Here is the final photo of Jack, it doesn’t quite show it to its best as it has been very difficult to photograph, but hopefully it will give everyone a good idea of what its like!


More stages of Jack

The final stages of Jack, the camera hasn’t caught the ears very well, its reflecting from Nicks lighting. I will take some better photos with the tripod so you can see it in more detail. The painting is 32 x 30 so I am unable to scan this one :)
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More Stages of Jack

Here are the next stages of Jacks portrait. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Nicks painting away in the studio today and I’m just about to start the portrait of Rufus!

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Willow and Bracken

Here is the final scan of Willow and Bracken. It’s a 16 x 12 pencil portrait of two sadly departed but very much loved and missed Springer Spaniels for a client in the UK. Hopefully they will be on their way to their owner next week.


Jacks portrait in progress

Nick has been working on Jacks painting and here are the first few stages. He had a short drying stage in between and Nick is back working on him now. Jack is for a previous client and hopefully they will be travelling up from South Wales very soon to collect him. I will have photos of Nick our client and Jack to show here on the blog and website! I will have more stages to post here tomorrow.

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Dizzy framed…

We had a lovely visit from the clients who came over from Singapore to collect the portrait of Dizzy. I have enclosed some photos below, one of our client and myself with the portrait and some other photos of the framed portrait.

The portrait is our first pencil portrait to be framed in the Traditional Flat framed. This frame is particuarly popular with our clients for the oils and it always works so well. It worked a treat with a pencil portrait and so I will definitely be recommending it to our pencil portrait clients in the future.

We are also wishing Dizzy a speedy recovery at the moment as he is extremely poorly, so fingers crossed that he gets better really soon :)

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Studio renovation pics

With it being so busy here in the studio, the most important thing was to get photos of the completed studio on our website. Now I’m gradually catching up with admin, website and emails I have now added a few in progress photos of the renovation on our Studio Page >> If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see them.

Nick also took this photo one evening from the top of the garden. We love the trees in the garden, we know how lucky we are to be surrounded by them and two in particular are over 150 years and we feel that we are their current guardians and are here to make sure they stay healthy :)

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos!