Studio Diary

Welcome to our pet portraits client list. We place all of our pet portrait commissions here for our clients to view. The oil client list for Nicholas is at the top and the pencil drawing client list for myself is below. All of our clients are able to watch their commissioned pet portrait move along in our client lists as the weeks and months progress.

Nicholas' Client List

Melanie - Client List



Cooper Final Scan

Here is a final scan of Cooper! Nicholas has added the final touches to the painting yesterday and I have scanned it and its just waiting here to be taken to Jane the framer next week. As soon as I have the painting back in the studio I will take photos and post here for our clients and readers to see! We hope you like him!


Another stage of Cooper :) 

Here is another stage of the lovely painting of Cooper. Nicholas is adding the final details today, the edges of Coopers coat and the details around the face and eyes. I hope to have a final scan very soon. It will be then whisked off to Jane the framer to be framed next week. We have also ordered a plaque too which should be arriving mid week, its all go here!


Stage 4 of Cooper!

Here his stage 4 of Cooper and Nicholas is painting as I type. I think my photos are a little washed out today compared to the original as the sunshine is pouring in to the studio which makes a real change after all of the rain we have been having. Its been a busy day so far with plenty of things happening here, phone calls, deliveries, the frames arriving etc. So I will have more blog posts to follow :)


Next stage of Cooper

Here is the next stage of Cooper! The painting is coming along really well, Nicholas has been working on the background today and softening in the outer edge of the coat into the background. here you can see that Coopers chest is looking lovely and soft. Ill have another stage later!


Coopers First Stages

Here are the first stages of Cooper who is a Portuguese Water Dog. Isn’t he stunning! The portrait is an oil on Italian linen Canvas painted at 16 x 12 by Nicholas for a client in the US. The painting is a little further forward than this, however I have been busy at my easel so I am a little behind on the blog. I will be adding more stages tomorrow!



Murphy Final Scan

Here is Murphy! He is a beautiful little chap, drawn at 12 x 10 size for a returning client and I really enjoyed drawing him. Next I will be working on the montage of ‘Rose’ which I’m looking forward to :)

Nicholas has started the painting of Cooper and is busy at his easel as I type so I will have the first stages to show tomorrow. Stay tuned!

pencil pet portraits

Final scan of Ginger and Maggie

Here is the final scan of the painting of Ginger and Maggie, which is an18 x 14 oil on Italian Linen canvas. Nicholas has created beautiful soft strokes in Ginger and Maggies fur, the whiskers really create a very three dimensional feel to the painting. You can also just see the toy mouse peeking out from behind the reference photo too :)

The painting is going to be framed in the Traditional Curved Gold Line frame with an inner linen slip and as soon as the painting is back and I have photos, i will post them here!

I will be blogging my pencil portrait of Murphy next.