Kara’s Video

Here is Kara’s video. As promised I am hoping a slightly more professional video using a different camera on the tripod with a lot less shake but I am still experimenting! The camera used is our studio canon camera that we take photos with but I’m still not quite happy as the resolution is less than the iPad, although it did focus quite well. So more experimenting will be done with the next painting!

Kara’s Portrait Framed

Here are the photos of Kara’s portrait framed for a returning client. The portrait has been framed by Jane our local framer and our client requested the same frame as the last oil portrait they had Nicholas paint of Charlie. We love the way this painting has turned out and the frame is just perfect! I have taken a number of photos of the portrait today which I have added below and I have also taken a video – so a post will follow of the video too!





Final Scan of Bix

I have been doing a bit of overtime in the studio as you can see from the portrait below and this is for a special birthday tomorrow! It was a final dash to get to the post office yesterday and as I was completing the transaction at one minute to 5, the post collection lady walked in through the door! Phew! :D


Barney Final Scan and Photos

Here is the final scan and photos of Barney the old English Sheepdog. Barney is very young as you can see from the portrait and his photo below left. I have really enjoyed drawing Barney and I wanted to allow Barney’s white fur to stand out within the drawing so I added a soft grey background in graphite pencil. I hope that our readers like the final outcome and he will be heading off to my client very soon!


Happy Clients Photos!

Here are a selection of amazing photos that our client took of Nicks paintings that he did of Kipper, center (Dec 2012) and Patsy and Otis either side (Dec 2014) and they look absolutely wonderful! Nick commented that it was like his own ‘mini gallery’ in America! The family also commissioned a wood carver craftsperson to make the beautiful frames for the paintings with personal motifs on the frames for the family. We think they have turned out beautifully and delighted with the testimonial below. We look forward to working with the Crow family again in the future.

“Yes, we had so much fun with this project! We are truly impressed with the portraits and how they turned out so beautiful in their new custom frames. :) Thank you so much for making this process so easy for the family. Love the mini-gallery!
Best wishes,
PA to Harlan Crow”
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Kara – Stages and Final scan

Here are the stages and final scan of Kara. Kara has been painted by Nick at 12 x 10 size in oils on canvas and she will be whisked off to Jane’s on Tuesday to be framed. Kara has been painted for a returning client and we are always thrilled to work with returning customers as we know that they must be happy clients of ours :) As soon as Kara has been framed I will take photos and post them here for our clients to view.

I have been busy at my easel this week with Barney and I will have a final scan of him to follow this post.