Ballycastle King

Nick has been working on a stunning painting of Ballycastle King and these are the stages so far. This painting is a 30 x 20 for a retuning UK client called Ted Andrew. The painting depicts Ballycastle at the top and Nick will also paint a small image underneath of the racing silks. More stages will follow soon and if we don’t post before then, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy easter!





Bilbo’s Final Scan

Bilbo is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen and I draw him for Tony Goode and his wife. Bilbo has been a joy to draw and I have added the final scan of the portrait, a close up detail and some photos of the portrait with my pencils to give scale. The drawing is all packed up and ready to go to the post office this week. I am just about to start the drawing of Ivar and Gaspar next, a returning client from France.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen3

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen1  Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen 2

Misty Framed

I have just taken photos of Misty here in the studio and added her on the website in the galleries and in the framing section. We really love the gold dots frame and it works so well with many of our paintings. I am about to add the portrait to Nicks Facebook and Google+ page. Don’t forget to follow us if you are on either of those social medias too!

misty3 misty2 misty1

Misty Video

The portrait of Misty has just come back from framing and its for a returning client. The portrait has been framed by Jane our local framer and our client requested the Gold Dots with the inner linen slip and this time the slip has a lovely gold line which works superbly with the frame! This time, as some of our readers will know I’m testing out all the different methods for filming and this was taken with the iPhone. The sound is still low but I enhanced it on iMovie this time so I am hoping it isn’t too bad. Still have some experimenting to do though. We hope you like it and more photos will follow.

Horse and Hound Feature!

We have had some fantastic news in that one of Nick’s paintings has been chosen to be on the Horse and Hound website in a feature they did about ‘six ways to capture your horse in time’. We allowed them to use the portrait of Amosite and we think he looks fabulous on their webpage. You can visit the site at the link below :)

Horse and Hound >>


Final Scan of Boomer

Here is the final scan of Boomer! It took me a few hours to scan the painting as he is a 24 x 18 oil on linen canvas but here he is in all his glory! I have also added a couple of close up photos of Nicks hand on the portrait to help give scale. I’ll pop those on the website in my next round of updates.

Next to scan Bilbo who is completed and I will post here asap.

7 8 9

Next Stages of Boomer

Here are the final stages of Boomers portrait and it is just looking AMAZING! Nick has been working really hard on this painting and it is incredible. Boomer looks as though he is ready to jump out of the canvas at you and is so lifelike. Any visitors we have had to the studio along with Skype callers have all been following Nicks progress which is fantastic. I am about to scan the final painting, its going to take me a few hours so ill be back with a post this afternoon along with some close up photos!

5 6