Gypsy’s Video…

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As promised here is the video of Gypsy filmed and edited by myself – Melanie painted by Nicholas Beall. The portrait of Gypsy is framed in the Chelsea Gold moulding which works so well with the background colours and over all feel of the painting. Its the perfect choice!

The painting is an 18 x 14 oil on linen canvas and it will be sent off to the clint as soon as possible as its for a birthday surprise in a few days time. We hope you like it and hope you like the video.

More blog posts to follow, including one all about the videos I have been making too!

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Gypsy’s Painting Framed…..

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Here are the photos of Gypsys painting framed. The portrait is an 18 x 14 oil painting on Italian Linen Canvas and Nicholas has hand painted it using traditional oil paints.

The portrait has been framed using the Chelsea Frame in gold which we absolutely love. The gold colours work really well with the greens in the painting, along with the colours of the sky and trees. Its just perfect!

Nicholas paints his backgrounds in a vary natural and realistic way, using subtle colours and tones to compliment the subject. This painting really depicts the warm summers afternoon / evening of the original photo. We can quite imagine Gypsy pausing in the field, looking at the viewer and then heading off amongst the lovely grass in the field. It’s as though we are looking through a window at her.

The painting is for a birthday surprise next week and so it should have reached its destination by now. We hope that it is a wonderful surprise for the lucky recipient.

I took some video of Gypsy before packing the painting and so I will add that in my next post.

horse-portraits-11 horse-portraits-10horse-portraits-12 horse-portraits-13 horse-portraits-14

Horse Portraits – Final Scan of Gypsy

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Here is the final scan of Gypsy! You may have noticed my last blog post was quite short. Mainly because we have both been working very hard in the studio on some fabulous pieces of artwork for special birthdays next week.

The painting of Gypsy is absolutely stunning and it is now on its way to the recipient, hopefully in time for a birthday surprise. It is an 18 x 14 traditional oil painting on Italian Linen Canvas and I have taken video and photos which I will post here following the final scan.

I will be adding Gypsy to our website soon, I actually have a number of new images to add to our sites, so it looks like a few days will be needed next week to get organised.

As always more blog posts to follow, some very exciting videos to follow too!!


Next Stage of Gypsy

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We have both been very busy in the studio today, working really hard on our portraits. Nicholas has been at his easel most of the day as he has been painting ‘in the zone’. Its the kind of place artists get when everything is flowing really well and they are being creative. I have only managed to disturb him once today to take photos of what he is doing, so the stage below is what I have taken.  Nicholas has very nearly completed the painting of Gypsy, although there will be another stage and a final scan to follow very soon!


Next Stages of Gypsy….

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Here are the next stages of Gypsys portrait. It’s coming along well, these photos were taken just before the weekend, so I will have lots more to follow as I’m a little behind on the blogging of the portrait. I also took some of Nicholas’ easel with the portrait as the colours just seemed to work really well. I think they look quite arty don’t you??

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. More posts to follow!



First stages of Gypsy

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Here are the very first stages of Gypsy’s portrait! Nicholas has been painting Gypsy for a number of days already so is much more ahead than these. I have more photos on the camera so i will take them off later today and make a new blog post so everyone here can see how the portrait is coming along.

The frame has already arrived for Gypsy’s painting, its a chelsea frame and the colours are just going to match amazingly. The Chelsea frame is one of my favourites and it particularly works well with portraits that have a natural background setting with sky and grass colours. So in this instance its a perfect match.

Stay tuned, all busy, busy, busy here in the studio so more to follow!



Final scan of Oliver, Alex and Family

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Here is the amazing final scan of Nicholas’ latest painting of Oliver, Alex, Molly and Oscar. Oliver and his family came to our studio last month before Nicholas put brush to canvas to discuss the painting, meet us and see where we worked. It was great that Nicholas could meet them before starting. Its always helpful to meet clients who are going to be in the painting and we had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking tea and walking the dogs.

Oliver had some very high resolution photographs taken of himself, Alex, Molly and Oscar, in the place they wanted to have as the backdrop in the painting. It is essential that in a painting of this nature, that the subjects photos are taken in the correct surroundings. This way the overall feeling of the painting is very natural, the lighting is correct and everything feels right.

The portrait was painted using traditional oils on Italian linen  medium grain canvas, stretched on tulip wood hardwood stretchers. The painting is now happily drying in the studio while the frame is on order. It will take a few weeks for it to arrive and once it has, I will be definitely taking some photos and video for the studio diary.

Nicholas has now started the portrait of Gypsy and I will have the first stages shortly.


Pencil Pet Portraits – Teasel!

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Happy Easter to all of our clients and readers! We hope that you have all had wonderful holiday. It’s still officially a holiday here in the UK, however we have been in the studio beavering away.

We have been very busy over the last week, although there haven’t been many blog posts, we have been here working behind the scenes on lots of things. Nicholas is getting on really well with the painting of Olly and I have completed the portrait of Teasel, which you can check out below.

The pencil drawing is a 12 x 10 on Italian Fabriano paper and you can also see a copy of the photo below to compare with my drawing. Hopefully I have captured Teasel’s personality and character well for my client. She will be heading to Cornwall in a few days time.  I have also added some photos of the portrait with my pencils so that our readers and clients can see the scale of the drawing. I hope you like it!!

Another blog post to follow soon so stay tuned as I will be revealing the most fantastic photo one of our clients had taken of themselves with their painting!






First stages of Olly Alex, Molly and Oscar

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Here are the first stages of the people pet portraits Olly, Alex, Molly and Oscar. The painting has been commissioned by the lovely couple Olly and Alex, who visited our studio with Molly and Oscar a few weeks ago. The painting is being completed in oils on Italian Linen, fine grain canvas at 20 x 20 inches.

Nicholas is only at the very early stages as you can see, however its coming along beautifully. I love the warmth of the spring trees and the light dappling through, the colours he is using are beautiful. I have added a close up of the background below for our clients to see it in more detail. I hope to have more stages of the painting shortly.

People Pet Portraits People Pet Portraits People Pet Portraits

Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits

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My latest Tibetan Terrier pet portraits is now complete. It’s of the most beautiful Tibetan Terrier called Hollie, who sadly passed away at the amazing age of 15 and a half.  Caroline commissioned me to draw Hollie as a gift for her mum. Caroline said….

She looks amazing! Thank you so so much, I actually had a little tear in my eye because it’s just Hollie completely!

I very much enjoyed drawing Hollie and owning a Tibetan Terrier myself, it was lovely to be able to study Hollie and bring her to life on paper for Caroline and her mum. I have taken some photos of the portrait and added a final scan below. I will also be adding Hollie to my website in the next round of updates on there soon.

Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits Tibetan Terrier Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits Happy Clients

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Nicholas completed a stunning painting at 30 x 24 in oils on Italian Linen canvas late last year. The dogs are Rover, (grandfather now deceased), Zizou, 8yrs (son of Rover and uncle of Gingko) and finally Gingko, 3yrs, (grandson of Rover and nephew of Zizou). All are working gundogs of a very high standard. Rover has produced several Field Trial Champions including the Champions of France and Belgium.

Nicholas was commissioned to paint all three dogs in their back garden in November last year. John had some lovely photos of the dogs sitting in dappled sunshine in his garden that were perfect for a portrait. He also had one particular photo he wanted us to use showing the bridge, pampas grass and the seating area.

We framed the portrait for John using the bespoke hand made swept frames that we commission a framing company to make especially for our clients and it worked really well with the colours in the painting.

John emailed us some fantastic photos of when the painting was displayed in their home in Switzerland and sent us a lovely email too which you can read below. We think that the frame works beautifully with the wooden walls and we just love the gong too! I will be adding the photo to our testimonials page in the coming weeks, I have quite a few new photos to add there soon.

Dear Melanie,
Here is the painting hung in our Swiss home. Everyone in the family loves it and many of our friends love it too.
Big thank you to you and Nicholas
Best wishes

dog-pet-portraits-2 dog-pet-portraits-1

Horse Pet Portraits

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In 2014 Nicholas painted the most fabulous horse called Leah for June to give as a present to her daughter Amy. They took some excellent quality photos especially for the portrait of Leah out in the field. You can see the painting in more detail on our horse portraits website –  Horse Portrait of Leah.

June and Amy very kindly emailed us a photo of the painting now its displayed in their home. June emailed me this fantastic email yesterday and we would officially like to thank her for taking the photos and allowing us to use it on our website.

As some of our followers of our Studio Diary will know I have been completing some work on our websites over the last couple of weeks. I finished the pencil portraits site and the cat portraits site last week….although websites are never finished! I have now completed the updates to our horse portraits website and I feel this is a wonderful addition to it.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Amy is so happy with her painting. We have it in our kitchen this is the room we spend most of our time in and it’s amazing how much we look at her!
Thank you again
June and Amy


Puff – in Situ

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Nicholas painted a portrait of the beautiful cat Puff last year and you can see him on our cat portraits website. Our client Kristin very kindly emailed us some photos of Puff now that he is proudly displayed on the wall in her husbands office. Puff, who sadly passed away at a young age from a heart condition, used to lay behind Kirstin’s husbands keyboard while he worked. They felt this would be the perfect pose for a portrait and if you look at the photo below, you can even see the keyboard thats in the oil painting. Isn’t that wonderful! I have added the photos to Puffs’ webpage and we hope that you all enjoy viewing the photos and artwork.

Cat Oil Paintings

Review Us on Google+

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We have a wonderful testimonials page on our website full of very happy clients and beautiful photos of pets with the portraits, clients with their portraits, portraits in situ etc. We even have some videos of portraits being handed over to recipients on their special day, which are fabulous. It is simply an amazing page.

Online reviews seem to be important in this day and age and we thought that we should perhaps embrace them and promote the fact that we have a Google+ page as currently there are no actual reviews on there. It would be lovely if it was populated as we know that we have lots of happy clients.

So we would really love it if our clients would be able to write us a review on Google+. I have a link to the review page on our testimonials page. When you get there click on the grey box which says-  ‘Write a testimonial via Google+ Reviews’ and it will open in a new window and take you straight there. If you have any problems, search for Melanie and Nicholas Pet Portraits, in Google and our images should come up on the right hand side where you can click the button for the review.

We really look forward to hearing from you all soon and thank you!


Final scan of Scrump

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Here is the final scan of Scrump. It has been very difficult to scan this painting due to the difference in tones on the painting itself. I don’t feel the digital version below does justice to Nicholas’ wonderful painting however hopefully it will give our readers a good idea of what the painting is like. The portrait of Scrump has been painted in traditional oils on Italian linen canvas stretched to 16 x 12 and will be heading off to the client next week. It’s in its final drying phase and by Monday it should be ready to be packed.

My next blog post will be of my pencil portrait of Hollie so stay tuned!


Next stage of Scrump’s pet portrait.

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We have had a busy weekend, Saturday I had a local client over who needed some photo editing done which worked out really well. I then finished all of the extra work that needed to be done on my pencil portraits website, so I feel good that its now complete.

I have also very nearly completed the pencil portrait of Hollie and Nicholas is nearing completion on the puppy portrait of Scrump. I have added another stage below and should have a final scan on Wednesday as we have to go out of the studio all day tomorrow. So another post will follow mid week!


Sonny’s Pet Portrait Framed!

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Here is Sonny’s pet portrait framed, we hope that you all like it! The painting is an Oil on Italian Linen canvas painted by Nicholas Beall at 18 x 14 size, framed using the curved Gold Line frame with inner linen slip. I have also added these photos to Sonny’s page where you can see the painting and close ups in full – Collie Pet Portraits >> I also took some video which I will upload to You Tube and post soon 🙂

Collie-portrait-oils-8 Collie-portrait-oils-9 Collie-portrait-oils-10 Collie-portrait-oils-11 Collie-portrait-oils-12

Scrump’s Next Stages

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Here are the next stages of Scrump’s portrait and its coming along beautifully. Nicholas is around half way now and has lots more detail to add in the dog and background. So ill have plenty more stages to follow.

We also have just received back the portrait of Sonny framed, it looks amazing in its frame. It was framed in the curved gold line frame with inner linen slip and so I will be adding photos and video soon too!



Pencil Pet Portraits Happy Client Photos!

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I have been updating my pencil portraits website today and have added two lovely happy clint testimonial photos which I recently received from a returning client. The portraits of Ivar and Djeen were created my myself in 2015 to give as Christmas gifts. They headed all the way to Paris and the recipients were thrilled. These photos were taken just before the portraits were wrapped!

My Happy Client Testimonials page has, up to now, been half complete. Last year I added a host of lovely client photos without any actual testimonials or headings to each of the photos. So I have taken some time to finish the page and make it look a lot more tidy and happy. If you would like to have a peak, head on over to my website here…Happy Client Testimonials >> I hope you enjoy viewing them!

happy-client-pet-portrait2 happy-client-pet-portrait1