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Welcome to our pet portraits client list. We place all of our pet portrait commissions here for our clients to view. The oil client list for Nicholas is at the top and the pencil drawing client list for myself is below. All of our clients are able to watch their commissioned pet portrait move along in our client lists as the weeks and months progress.

Nicholas' Client List

Melanie - Client List



Zizou , Gingko and Rover First Stages

Here are the very first stages off Zizou, Gingko and Rover. This painting is fairly large at 30 x 24 inches and Nicholas has been mainly working on the dogs and the grass in the foreground before starting any detail on the background. This will enable him to understand the depth of tones and colours needed behind the dogs.

As you can see form the photos below, we are at very early stages, however it is looking wonderfully impressive here in the studio. Our client has opted to have a swept gold frame which i think will look amazing. Gold frames always work so well when there is grass colours and tones and this painting has plenty so it will be perfect.

I will have more stages in the coming days!








Canvases galore!

Today has been another admin day in the studio, I am gradually catching up with emails and blog posts from being unwell and I love it when things are getting organised. I’m am an organised person!

I have done a few updates to our websites too today, you will now see a bar at the very top of our website which will take you to all of the main home pages of each of our websites. I hope it all works on your computers, tablets, mobiles etc :) If not do let me know!

We have also just received our next batch of canvases from ‘Harris Moore’, the company that we commission to make our bespoke canvases. They are a  family run business in the UK who provide high quality professional Italian linen canvases wrapped on hard wood (Tulipwood) – the best quality canvases that we can find. Nicholas has been using these for around a year now and they are wonderful to work on. The photo below shows a lovely collection and we can’t wait to show the the work in progress of the paintings in the coming weeks and months!


Tracey and Moo

A few weeks ago Tracey and Moo visited our studio to collect the pencil portrait of Moo which I had drawn. Tracey was delighted with the portrait and we took the opportunity to take some photos while they were here. Moo modelled beautifully, she is such a gorgeous dog, I could quite easily have dog napped her! She kept my two amused brilliantly and made us all smile. Nick also took a few photos of myself, Tracey and Moo with the portrait which came out fabulously too, so I have added them to our main pet portraits testimonials page and on my dedicated pencil pet portraits website too.

Pencil-pet-portraits-51 Pencil-pet-portraits-52 Pencil-pet-portraits-53 Pencil-pet-portraits-54 Pencil-pet-portraits-5


Georgie and her family travelled all the way from Somerset to visit us a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and we took the opportunity to take plenty of photos of George with both my pencil drawing and Nicholas’s oil painting. Georgie sat and modelled really well and she looks so happy in the photos.

Georgie  and our dogs Lily and Murphy got on famously which was lovely. I have already added the photos below to our main pet portraits testimonials page, and also to my dedicated pencil pet portraits website too!

As some of our readers may know we have not only had poorly dogs, but both  Nicholas and myself have been under the weather with his awful cold / flu that has been going around. Having spoken to a number of people in the area and further afield, there is a nasty virus about so I really hope that our readers are well and manage to avoid it. Although we are not back to full fitness we are both back in the studio with a vengeance, we love our jobs and love being here :)

More posts to follow as always!!




Ella’s Final Scan

Here is Ella’s final scan :)  Im so pleased to be finally able to post Ella as she has been adorning my easel for the last week all completed. I hope you all like her, I’m on the mend now, through the worst of my cold and the dogs are much happier today, we are just about to take them out for a walk so all is well.  Nicks working on the painting of Ginko, Zizou and Rover and ill have the first stages next.


Dogs with poorly tummies and colds…..

This is our first blog post for a while and with good reason. Our dogs have been poorly, Murphy was first and started with dihorrea last Wednesday and was still poorly by Monday by which time Lily had caught it. We were up with them each night about 5 times and we made three vets trips within the 6 days. They were finally put on a course of antibiotics along with Kaline & Morphine and are gradually getting better. I don’t suppose we will ever know what it was that upset them, but we are just so relived to have two healthy dogs again. They have been very lethargic and tired – as well as both of us as you can image. So much so, that as soon as they started to be on the mend, I caught a cold :( The last two days I have not been functioning at full steam! I have just ventured down to the studio to catch up on some admin and scan my latest portrait. So there will be more posts to follow, emails will be on their way to clients as I gradually get caught up with everyone and I thought i would add this photo of Lily and Murphy from yesterday sitting in the garden on the picnic table, having a nap. Stay tuned for more posts soon!


Luna’s Final Scan

Here is the final scan of Luna. Nicholas has painted it on a 16 x 12 Italian Linen canvas. The overall colours and tones are beautiful. Nicholas has used a limited pallet on the background to convey the colours of the trail Luna was walking on, which works really well with her colouring. We hope that this painting will bring back wonderful memories for our clients whole family. It will be on its way to the USA in the next few days.

We have had a very topsy turvy night / day here as Murphy has had a poorly tummy, we have no idea why, so we are going on a bit of a go slow here after having a sleepless night. He’s being fed on chicken and rice and hopefully he will feel better. We all hope to have a full night sleep tonight!

Ella’s final scan is coming soon!