Happy Clients!

We have just received the most fabulous photos of Georgie’s portrait being presented to the recipient Jane Barrie who is retiring after 22 years service to Taunton School. The photos show Jane being presented with the first part of her gift, the second part is an oil painting of Georgie which Nicholas is going to be painting in the coming months.

The portraits have been a complete surprise to Jane and now the drawing has been presented we can be in contact with Jane so she can watch the painting of Georgie develop when Nicholas starts in July / August time.

happy-clients-1 happy-clients-2

Leahs Portrait Framed

Here are the photos of Leah framed. It really has come out just stunning, the frame is perfect and we can’t wait for the clients to receive it, hopefully tomorrow. I have updated Leah’s webpage with all of the photos already.

I will have another stage of Henry and George later today or early tomorrow. I have two mockups and a few emails to do first. I can’t believe how time has got away from me again today, its nearly 5pm already!



Video of Leah

Here is our latest video of Leah’s painting. We had it framed with Jane our framer in the traditional Flat frame and its already been packed and sent to them hopefully arriving tomorrow! I have taken lots of photos so ill blog those next along with adding the video on our website.

Boomer with his family!

We have received a wonderful photo from our clients who commissioned Nicholas to paint their much love and missed dog called Boomer. I have added the photo below, along with adding it on our website and Boomers page too. you can see Boomers painting on our dog portraits website >>  Deepy wrote a beautiful email to us which I have also added below too. We hope you enjoy reading it and viewing their photos. We would like to officially thank Deepy and Kristian for having the photos taken and allowing us to use it on our website.

Lots more posts coming tomorrow, Nicks first stages of Georige and Henry and my final scan and photos of Aspen.

Hello, I received the picture of Boomer a few weeks ago from my boyfriend, Kristian. It is by far the most beautiful picture I have seen! It is so accurate to how my dog looked like and looks so real that it makes me emotional every time I glance at it. What an amazing gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life; I really don’t think it will ever be topped. Thank you for helping us honour Boomer’s life, he will always be missed and never forgotten.
Thank you,
Deepy Sidhu




Truffie Final Scan

Here is Truffie’s final scan. The painting is a 12 x 10 oils on linen canvas and the client has a lovely local framer who is going to frame Truffie so we are really looking forward to seeing the final result!

Im up early in the studio this morning doing a few emails and admin as we have the scheduled power cut today. I don’t think we will be doing too much around the cottage as its absolutely pouring with rain here this morning so can’t even go on a dog walk at the moment. Perhaps we will have a lazy late breakfast!! The electricity is panned to come back on at 1pm so we will hopefully be ready to get back to work soon.

Nick has just started the double portrait of Henry and George, he drew the dogs onto the canvas yesterday so ill probably have a first stage tomorrow or Wednesday.   Aspen is looking stunning on my easel, hopefully a final scan of him on Wednesday too!


Next stage of Truffie

Here is the next stage of Truffie and I should have a final scan this afternoon or tomorrow. Im on the last stages of Aspen so I will have a final scan and some photos of him also very soon!