Pencil Pet Portraits Testimonials

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My client Caroline has very kindly taken a photo of their portrait of Hollie now its all framed, for my website and blog. The frame they chose is fabulous and I am really loving the inner black line on the mount which finishes the portrait off beautifully.

The photo below has already been added to my pencil pet portraits testimonials page. I have lots of website updates to do in the next few weeks and Hollie needs to be in my gallery in the next round of updates. My folder of portraits on my iMac waiting to go online is getting larger each week. I must spend some evenings in front of my computer uploading them.

I have added a lovely email below which Caroline has sent along with the photo of Hollie. I’m really looking forward to receiving their next photo too!

Hi Melanie! My mum picked Hollie up today from the framing shop! She’s so happy, thank you so much. I’ll get a picture of us standing next to her when I’m next round and I’ll send it to you. 😀 Caroline X

pencil pet portraits testimonials

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Horse Oil Painting – Happy Clients!

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We have received a fantastic photo from one of our clients of their horse oil painting displayed on the wall. The oil painting which Nicholas painted was of a stunning horse called Whisky. It was commissioned by Nicki and Neil as a gift for their daughter. The portrait was a 16 x 12 oil on Italian Linen canvas which was framed by our wonderful, but now sadly departed, framer Jane.

You can see the painting in full on our horse portraits website and read one of the lovely testimonials from Nicki below. We are always so grateful for our clients in taking time in their busy day to photograph our paintings when they are hanging in situ. It really does help bring our website to life.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
We hope all is well and that you are both being kept very busy.  We have attached a few photos of Whisky’s portrait in situ.  We are still very happy with the portrait.  Until Alice has a home of her own, it remains here, in her bedroom.  Whisky is still thriving – aged 20 now. Kind regards
Nicki and Alice

Horse Oil Painting


Cat Portraits Video – Tyson

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Here at last is the cat portraits video of Tyson all framed. The portrait was a 12 x 10 inch pencil drawing on Italian Fabriano Hot Pressed paper using Derwent graphite pencils. I am so pleased with the frame, it’s called Windsor Wash and it sports a double mount in Hayseed and Pale Grey. This frame is actually a really good one for adding an engraved plaque on too if clients wish.

It’s taken me a while to get the video online as I have had a few problems with Final Cut Pro. I’m not sure what it was, however a lovely chap from Apple helped me out on the telephone and everything seems to be working again. Phew! So happily here is the video of Tyson.

My videos are still being filmed with my iPhone 5. I am trying to find the right camera and looking around for not only a good deal but all the gubbins that goes with it, like lenses and microphone. One day I will make up my mind about which is best for me. Until then here is the video, with a little wobble and muffle!

I have been doing a few updates to our websites and a bit of admin today too. It’s absolutely pouring with rain outside, but it’s snug and warm here in the studio, so a good day to be working. I have added Tyson’s video to our cat portraits website on the index page, so hopefully our visitors and prospective clients will be able to view it with ease. I have also started a video page on our cat site to collate the videos together as I have another video to show in the coming weeks. It is a cat montage pencil portrait, however I can’t show it yet as it has been drawn as a surprise gift. Watch this space!

I have a few more posts to follow with photos that our clients have taken of their portraits, so stay tuned!

Cat Pet Portraits Framed

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Here is Tyson my latest cat pet portraits framed ! Isn’t it wonderful!  I worked closely with my framer Amanda, to create a combination of mount / matt and frame that suited the portrait. We also worked with my clients requests too at every stage. The frame is called Windsor Wash and the mount / matt colours are Hayseed and Pale Grey. It works so well with the drawing of Tyson, it has to be one of my favourite frames to date! I have taken some video and will endeavour to upload it on our slow internet connection today and post it here as soon as I can.

I have a number of updates to complete on our website with new portraits and frames. I am hoping to get these completed in the next few weeks. I will then add Tyson’s frame online too and post here when its all done.

Nicholas is painting the portrait of Amber as I type. I hope to take more photos and post here soon too as he has come quite a long way since the previous days post.

I hope you all like the photos and another post will be along soon!

Cat Pet Portraits Framed Cat Pet Portraits Framed Cat Pet Portraits Framed Cat Pet Portraits Framed

Pet Portraits Contact in Pencil and oil!

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As you can see from the photos below this is me! We are now using one of these photos as our pet portraits contact photo on our contact page. I am the voice behind our pet portraits partnership. If you are new to our website and blog, my name is Melanie and I am married to Nicholas Beall.  We are professional pet portrait artists. I draw all of the portraits in graphite pencil and Nicholas paints all of the portraits in oils.

When clients call or email the studio, I am the one to answer emails and telephone calls. I am constantly in dialogue with our clients through the commission process. I am the organiser of the partnership! Im pretty good at organising and do like to take charge. When you are running a business things have to be done for deadlines. We have never missed a deadline, so things have to be organised to achieve this.

We used to have a photo of us on our contact page, however it was removed a few years ago. I was learning how to change our websites from the old style tables to writing it in CSS code so I made the layout extremely simplified. The basic layout of the sites are still there today being a single column, however I’m learning how to manipulate the code a little more now. This means I can gradually reintroduce some of the elements we used to have that were lost.

With this in mind, Nicholas took a few snaps of me while on the phone in front of my computer at the weekend. They were perfect for all of our pet portraits websites. So the main photo below left is now on all of our contact pages and you can see one of them here – Pet Portraits Contact. I think its very important for the client calling to know to whom they are speaking.

I have a few more photos I want to add around my pencil portrait website over the coming days. My pencil site is sorely lacking in photos of the artist – (me!) so stay tuned and I will blog them over the coming days with links to where you can find them.

Pet Portraits Contact.


Pet Portraits in Oil – Amber in Progress

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Here are more stages of the latest pet portraits in oil that Nicholas has been working on. It is looking absolutely amazing here in the studio and has been much admired by clients visiting. Nicholas is getting closer to the finished stages now. He is a little further ahead than these photos below, so I will post more soon.

Its absolutely pouring with rain here in Wales today. Not that we really need it! Everything in the garden is very green and growing profusely at the moment. Poor Lily has been looking longingly out the window hoping for a break in the rain so she can play in the garden. She has been on rabbit watch, as we have an abundance of rabbits beyond our fence in the field and she loves to watch them. We have also been seeing Mink and Polecats galore here! I am keeping my fingers crossed they don’t eye up my hens.

We have started working with the sleepers in the garden, however its tough work as they are very heavy. I think we will still be arranging them in three weeks time!

There has been a lot happening with regards to my pencil portraits and my website. I have lots of commissions on the go and lot son things to update on my site. Im so thrilled with the feedback I am receiving at the moment with regards to my drawings.  I have been working hard in the studio this past week on surprise pencil montage portrait which I’m really pleased with. I can’t quite show it here yet until it has been revealed to the recipient. Im thrilled with the outcome though and will post as soon as I can.

The cat pencil portrait of Tyson is now framed by our framer Amanda and looks amazing. We just love the frame and I will have photos and video to show here soon!

Pet Portraits in Oil

Pet Portraits in Oil

Pet Portraits in Oil

Oil Painting – More stages of Amber

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I took a few more photos of Amber’s oil painting early in the studio before Nicholas starting painting today which you can see below. The oil portrait is coming along beautifully and it is actually a few stages further forward than as you see it is below. I hope to post some more photos of the oil painting tomorrow.

It has been admired by clients who visited the studio today with their three gorgeous Dachshunds. I could quite have dog napped them, they were beautiful. We took photos of them for a pencil portrait, Lily our dog, was quite fascinated by them.

More post to follow, including a lovely photo from a client of their framed pencil portrait.

Oil Painting - Amber

Oil Painting - Amber

Oil Painting - Amber